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Judo has many health benefits, both mental and physical, especially in children. According to Frederic H. Thanes, “not only does judo focus on building physical fitness, but it also improves children’s focus, develops positive attitudes about sports in general, and increases self-esteem, self-discipline, self-respect, and courtesy toward others.” It is Judo Club Osaka's passion to provide exposure to Judo to more children and providing schools the best access to these skills.

We are proud to be a part of the School Club Link with a multitude of  local schools, giving children the opportunity to engage with Judo through their school. Establishing school/club links give young people the opportunity to participate in worthwhile sporting and physical activity throughout their lives. It allows youngsters to try out new sports, feel comfortable in a club setting and as a result make them more likely to continue participating once they leave school.

Being a part of the School Club Link, allows students between Year 6 - Year 13 to be entered in to the British Schools Championships. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students and one we look forward to offering to more schools in the future.

Our listed schools

Below are the schools where we currently offer before/after school clubs and PE lessons.

If you are interested in bringing Judo Club Osaka to your school, please get in touch with us and send an email with your enquiry.

Heatherside Infant School

Curriculum based PE Lessons

After School Club

South Farnborough Infants

After School Club

Wellington Primary School

After School Club

Heatherside Junior School

After School Club

St. Peters C of E School

After School Club

Great Hollands Primary School

After School Club

St. Michaels C of E School

Breakfast Club

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