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Health and Safety

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Despite being a highly physical contact sport, Judo is also extremely safe. The strict international contest rules of Judo are strongly oriented to maximise safety at all times. The code of etiquette laid down from judo’s earliest days by Kanō Jigorō requires that due respect is shown for teachers and practice partners. Stronger more experienced players are required to take responsibility for the wellbeing of junior or weaker players.


To reinforce this tradition, the club strictly observes all the requirements of the Club's Health and Safety Regulations. We have a code of conduct and carry out thorough risk assessments for all club events to identify and minimise potential hazards to members and spectators alike.


Though generally safe, as in any sport there is a chance of injury, and all members are required to be a member of the BJA. To apply for BJA (British Judo Association) membership apply online here. Membership provides personal injury insurance, including personal liability cover should you, however inadvertently, be responsible for injuring another member.

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