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About Judo Club Osaka

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You can read about the history behind Judo here, but we want to share with you the story on how we became Judo Club Osaka

In 1961 whilst on military service, Richard Dove visited Osaka in Japan and took an interest in judo.


Since then, the club has gone from strength to strength under the direction of Richards son, Adrian; along with a variety of other coaches that have worked their way up through Judo Club Osaka.

On returning to England, he continued his training and finally in Autumn of 1980, Richard decided to start  his own Judo club and Judo Club Osaka was born.  

Adrian moved Judo Club Osaka to their current permanent location at Madia Gym in 2013, where they hold sessions every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Judo Club Osaka is a UK and European wide competitive club and have trained 14 Judokas' to a British squad level and have won over 100 National medals

Judo Club Osaka takes Judokas' to a multitude of differing paths. These can include; Coaching, Refereeing and Competitive Judo.

As a club we encourage all of our Judokas' to work through our Grading and Syllabus. Sensei Adrian proudly attained his 4th Dan in 2024.

Judo Club Osaka are proud to be a part of the School Club Link with a multitude of  local schools. Exposing more children to a diverse range of sports through education.

The club regularly takes part in competitions all over the UK and in Europe.

As well as competitive players, we also have recreational players who like to take part  to assist with their fitness and we are a fully inclusive club.

Our players start from the age of 5 years up to 50+ years and all enjoy the family feel to the Club.

Judo Club Osaka train at The Maida Gym in Aldershot.

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Our Team

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