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The Mon Grade system is aimed at 8 to 17 year olds and follows on from the Sho Awards.


Judoka follow a progressive study of techniques detailed in the Mon Grade syllabus (below) and attempt promotion to the next grade at regular intervals. These promotions are called gradings.


During a grading judoka are required to know the common English names and meaning of all Japanese terminology used for the grade they are being graded for.


They are also required to practically demonstrate techniques required for that grading. Where appropriate they must also be able to discuss their reasons for their choice of technique, grip etc.


As judoka progress through the Mon Grade system the practical situation and examination process in which they demonstrate the required techniques becomes more stringent and greater in depth.


Gradings are usually carried out at the club the judoka is based at by a British Judo licensed Coach.

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Judoka that reach the age of 16 have the option to transfer to the Kyu Grade system. All Mon Grades that reach the age of 18 must transfer to the Kyu Grade system.

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