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The Dan Grades system is a distinctive feature of judo with promotion to different ranks based on a variety of different pathways and achievements.


Obtaining a Dan Grade is one of the highest qualifications available to individuals involved in the sport of judo.


Who are the Dan Grades for?

The Dan Grade system is aimed judoka who are 15 years of age and older who have moved on from completing the Kyu Grades system.


How does the Dan Grade System work?

Judoka test their ability, by entering for an examination within the Dan Grade system. For that examination players are required to demonstrate superiority over a cross-section of other players competing at the same level. This ensures that successive Dan Grades up to 5th Dan are populated by increasingly skillful players.


For grades higher than 5th Dan judoka wishing to move up a grade must apply to British Judo. A decision is then made on their application by the British Judo Board of Directors.


For more information the policies and procedures for the Dan Grade system click here.


What are the belts in the Dan Grade system?

There are 10 different grades contained within the Grades system, which represented by 3 different coloured belts.

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