Dear Judoka, Parents & Carers


Further to our emails and social media notifications along with the announcements made by the Government on 18th March 2020, Judo Club Osaka will be suspending all judo sessions from Friday 20th March 2020 until further notice.

Please keep checking your emails and our facebook page for any updates. If you do not have access to these, please feel free to email  the club secretary and she will bring you up to date with our position in the current situation we find ourselves in.

We thank you for your patience over this ever changing situation surrounding us all, and we look forward to welcoming you all back again to train with us as soon as possible.

Take care of yourselves and your families.

Judo Club Osaka Coaches and Committee

Our latest news and photos of our judoka 

Female Sports person of the Year - Anglia Ruskin University 2020

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Lucy, one of our female judoka currently studying at Anglia Ruskin University had been nominated for the Female Sports Person of the Year.

We are very pleased to announce that Lucy is the winner of the award - Congratulations Lucy from All at Judo Club Osaka.

Here is the announcement made by her University:

Female Sports Person of the Year

The winner of this award has demonstrated outstanding achievements over the past year. This person has integrated themselves into the sporting culture, inspires others through their performances and is a positive role model for sport at ARU. 

                    Shortlist:  Madeline Homoly  -  Basketball

                                     Jodie Turl              -  Rugby

                                     Lucy Williams         - Judo



                    Winner: Lucy Williams - BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Therapy


     Lucy only started at ARU in September 2019 and has had a very successful first year, both in competition and in assisting the development of the Judo Club.
Lucy has consistently achieved success whilst competing at several major competitions throughout the year. This included: bronze at the British Junior Championships, which secured her a place on the GB junior squad; bronze in the Scottish Senior Open, one of her first medals in senior competition at a home nations event and a Commonwealth Championship bronze.

     At BUCS Nationals in February Lucy achieved a bronze medal in her individual category and played a key role helping the women’s team to a bronze. Her performances at BUCS Nationals qualified her for selection to the European University Games, which were unfortunately cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

On top of regular competition, Lucy’s drive to excel and develop as an athlete is illustrated by her relentless search for additional training and competition opportunities. Along with our two other female athletes Jade Warr and Jasmine Stringer, Lucy competed on behalf of Cambridge City Women’s team in the Cambridge-Oxford Varsity and won a pivotal fight to secure Cambridge a 3-2 win overall. 

     In addition to developing her own performance levels, Lucy has also channelled her passion for judo into assisting the ARU Judo Club by taking on a committee role to improve the club’s profile and increase their membership base.

Lucy has exhibited truly commendable character and is a great advocate for female sport at ARU. She is a truly talented prospect who shows exciting potential as she enters onto the senior competition stage.


Sensei Danny has put together a short video showing 3 core exercises which relate to judo and can be done at home and also 1 exercise which he doesn't recommend ... as always you can find the video on our facebook page: dated 11th May.

New fitness video by Sensei Danny @ Judo Club Osaka

Practice videos by Sensei Adrian @ Judo Club Osaka

Sensei Adrian and his family have compiled 2 short videos this week for our judoka and their families. They are practical practice videos which will help your muscle memory to keep working.

You can find the 2 videos on our facebook page: dated 30th April.

If you are able to send in any photos of yourselves carrying out either of these drills, please send in a copy so we can add it to our gallery...

Thank you

Judo Club Osaka are proud to announce that Harry and his family have been nominated as "Judo Heroes" - you can follow the whole article by clicking on this link:

                                              Le Mare Family – Ran 50km each in 24 hours


England Judo athlete Harry, his brother Jack and Father Noah were inspired from watching the Barkley Marathon documentary (The Barkley Marathon is an 100+ mile run in America – available to watch on Amazon Prime) recently and as a last minute decision, decided upon their crazy challenge – with no training – running 50km in 24 hours! There was no prior planning involved!

The plan initially was for Harry and Jack to complete the challenge in memory of Chris Allen and in support of all of the heroes of the NHS. They wanted to do something to help in any way possible. Inspired by his son’s completing the challenge on 16th April, Father Noah then completed his own version of the challenge the following day.

Harry, 17, finished the run with no training, in six and a half hours. He started at midnight, then had a break and slept at 4:00am. He started up again at 9:30am. Once Harry finished his 50km, he also went and helped his brother for the last 8 km of his challenge, who crossed the finish line after eleven and a half hours.

The family have smashed their initial fundraising target of £1,800 but that shouldn’t stop you from supporting their challenge.

You can donate now to support the La Mare family for their challenge at

Lucy Williams - Student at Anglia Ruskin University 

We are pleased to share the following from Lucy.  "On Monday 27th April, I received an exciting piece of news from my University, I had been nominated for Female Sports Person of the Year and also a nomination for being part of the University Judo Team… I now have to wait until 12th May for the results... but down to last 3 in both categories."

Watch this space for further news in May.